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Posted by on in ideas for increased effectiveness

3 Steps to Achieving That Elusive Work-Life Balance in Your Medical Career

When you first decided to become a doctor, it may have felt like a calling, but a medical career can soon overtake your entire life, consume every minute of your day, use up all your energy, stretch your patience to the limit, demand your constant attention, and start taking a toll on your relationships. Before you know it, you're staring burnout in the face. The career that was going to afford you a fulfilling life has quickly become the thing that consumes it. But, all is not lost. Achieving that elusive work-life balance in your medical career is not impossible. In fact, it could be as ea...
Posted by on in ideas for increased effectiveness

E-learning in Medical Studies

Every medical student knows that it’s almost impossible to learn all exam-relevant material simply by attending class. Students need additional learning resources in order to be appropriately prepared for their exams. For this purpose, books are the oldest of all sources and are still an invaluable resource for every learner. Today e-learning content has become an important, almost essential, additional resource for medical students worldwide. E-learning is a broad, vague, concept. Which is why, in the following, I would like to explain how medical students can efficiently and effectively int...
Posted by on in ideas for increased effectiveness

6 Ways to Tell You Are Pregnant Even Without a Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test
Is it too early for you to take a pregnancy test? Maybe you cannot take a test or get an accurate reading for some reason? No need to worry. There are actually many signs when pregnant that do not involve testing. Although the only way to know for sure you are pregnant is to see your doctor and have it confirmed, the clues your body gives you can also be a solid lead. Many women watch for signs like these, whether or not they have access to accurate tests, before deciding to confirm their pregnancy with a medical professional. Consider these tip offs if you are suspicious: Tip #1:Your Cycle...
Posted by on in ideas for increased effectiveness

5 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I Started My Practice 9 Years Ago

It’s not a surprise that successfully running a medical practice is making day-to-day tasks as efficient as possible. It can be the difference in allowing you to take on more patients, have a better working environment and making sure each staff member knows his role. But sometimes it takes years to figure out the truly effective approaches for running a medical practice, so to help you get there faster, here are five of the most important lessons I learned about managing my practice in the last nine years: 1)         Hire the Right Team The importance of having ...
Posted by on in ideas for increased effectiveness

Tighten up those boundaries or else…

It is almost summer which is the time for weekly lawn mowing. When you instruct your landscape company to take care of your lawn, where do they stop with mowing? At the boundary line. I assume you don’t instruct them to mow your neighbor’s back lawn as well. After all, people need to be responsible for their own properties and need to learn boundaries in their own lives too. Meet Mary (name changed) who is a female physician who was exposed to this life lessons several times in the last few months. As the department chair in her organization, she was constantly struggling with the workload to...

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