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3 Major Consequences of Chronic Stress To Your Life

3 Major Consequences of Chronic Stress To Your Life

Stress does not just happen overnight. It is a build up of issues, worries, and problems that ultimately affect your mind and body. In simple terms, stress tells you that you are overdoing it.

When your brain detects a threat, it releases two neurotransmitters (also called hormones), namely cortisol and adrenaline. These affect your heart rate, blood flow, alertness and many more. Although these body responses do not sound evil or bad for you, the coming biological responses that will occur in your body are designed to fight off stress. But the problem is, your body eventually gets tired. Stress then becomes chronic.

There are many different consequences of chronic stress. Read these below and it might help you take a break and slow things down.

It Affects Sleep Quality

Even if you sleep 5 to 6 hours a day, which is very close to the recommended duration to sleep, stress can still affect its quality. It can cause midnight sweat, nightmares and sleep disturbances. Moreover, lack of sleep has detrimental and long term effects on your mental and physical health. It can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

A 2015 study tracked mid-aged women over the course of nine years. As reported, the participants of the study experienced a lower quality of sleep during their highest levels of stress. Some participants even complained of insomnia.

It Puts A Strain On Your Family

Some people accept the lifestyle of being overworked to ensure that they become financially stable and possibly earn more in the future for their families. As much as gallant this goal is, stress can take its toll on your health.

Stress leads to mood swings, which are eventually picked up by children. Moreover, the lack of time rendered at home with the family has been reported to be one of the causes why marriages fail. One middle-aged man was interviewed for a study on stress and family dynamics.

He explained he made profitable investments with Kale Realty, a real estate agency he had been working for years. He said he rarely spent time with his wife and son because of the health damages that were brought about by chronic stress. When he finally needed to slow down, he watched his assets run dry due to his tough divorce and requirement to pay alimony.

It Can Trigger Depression and Other Mental Health Problems

Many studies say that chronic stress can lead to anxiety and depression. It has been researched that stress can suppress the growth of new neuron in your hippocampus. This is the part of that brain that has been shown to shrink on scans when you have depression.

Stress triggers chronic inflammation, which appears to play a role in the onset of numerous mental health problems. Depression is caused by multiple combinations of factors. However, many experts and healthcare professionals include stress as one of the primary causes of this problem.

A little stress every now and then is not something you need to be very concerned about. It is part of our everyday lives. However, when stress becomes chronic and begins to exacerbate numerous and serious health problems, it is time to make changes. Destroying your health and mental stability is not just at risk here. You can potentially put your entire family under stress.