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4 Simple Tips To Dental Patient Marketing

4 Simple Tips To Dental Patient Marketing

A new trend in the health care system is that more dental practitioners seem to join the ranks of corporate dentistry. This is an expanding market that requires massive marketing efforts. Dentists do this for two reasons. One, to expand their reach, and two, to gain more profit. Independent dentists who join corporate dentistry also get some perks, especially on business management and service advertisements.

All dental practices understand the importance of dental patient marketing. It helps bring in new patients, strengthen patient-dentist ties and can even lead to referrals which spark into more income. With the integration of social media and other internet platforms, it has become even more crucial to incorporate digital marketing tactics to beat competitors.

To help you get started, here are some of the digital marketers approved tips to help you effectively market your dental practice.

Maintain Your Website

It has been a golden rule today that every business must establish an online presence. Besides this, there must be some upkeep going on here as well. A website will provide your potential patients an excellent first impression. When your site is well organized, professional-looking and optimized, anybody can easily land on your webpage, get the information they need and book an appointment at your clinic.

Conduct Local SEO

Search queries in Google are geo-located. Which means when a user is looking for a place to get something done, Google usually provides answers based on where the user is located. This is where you need to find a good digital marketer to focus on local SEO for dental patient marketing.

When your site is at an optimal state for a local search, you can easily rank for keywords like “New York dentist” or “best Chicago orthodontist,” or wherever your practice is located. Furthermore, local SEO gives you an edge in voice searches, where users ask Alexa or Siri to help them locate an orthodontist or a dentist “near me.”

Be Very Active on Facebook

After integrating your business to the community using Facebook and other social media platforms, you can continue to stay as active as possible on Facebook as it is an excellent platform for you to stay connected with your past clients. This is also a great tool in providing information, updates, and events regarding your clinic.

You can also use your Facebook and other social media accounts to post your contact details and office hours. This is an excellent way to provide past patients and new ones with more potential touchpoints with you. Moreover, a strong social media presence also leaves a good impression on people.

Get Involved with the Community

You do not have to go to different communities and engage with its residents physically. You can begin with the online community in your area as this is the easiest way to reach out to new and potential patients. Dental practices are practically operating like local businesses, so it is critical to get your practice integrated into the community.

Start by creating a Facebook Page and post anything you want. You do not have to be very promotional. You can just post a random picture of you and your employees attending a local gathering or a festival.

There are many different ways in marketing a dental practice to gain more patients. Your best bet would be to check how your competition is performing and see how they conduct their own business. Doing this will also help you gain inspiration on the necessary actions you need to take to improve your patient marketing.

Don’t forget to use a combination of various strategies and investigate the best ones that work for your clinic. Before you know it, you will start seeing an increase in patient appointments.