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6 Tips To Give Birth With A Smile

6 Tips To Give Birth With A Smile

A lot of potential mothers want to experience all the emotions of pregnancy so that they can vividly remember each moment. The human mind has however been shown to remember the pleasant moments as opposed to the painful ones. It is for that reason that women ought to be encouraged to lead pregnancies that have been well thought out. This ensures that the pregnancy is exciting and giving birth is an easy time where one has a birth with a smile.

In as much as every woman’s pregnancy week by week journey varies from another, there are some things that can be done during pregnancy to ensure birth is an easy time for the mother. It is for this reason that women are advised to be both physically and mentally active to enjoy a well-rounded pregnancy and childbirth.

In as much as bed rest is a good thing during pregnancy, it is advisable to couple this with mild physical exercise as it helps prepare one for birth. Lack of exercise in preparation for labor results in a painful and exhausting end result. Healthy pregnancy tips are outlined below to ensure you have an easy time.

First off, one must work on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. The best way to do this is by performing Kegels. The pelvic muscles are one of the most important muscle groups as they help support all organs within the pelvic region. These muscles importance is even more when labor sets in. It is, for this reason, advisable that the muscles be strengthened through Kegels. These exercises are trained at tightening, holding and relaxing pelvic muscles.  One simple way to understand how to exercise these muscles is trying to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. The muscles that are contracted to stop the flow of urine are the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises can be performed throughout the day, whether when seated at the office desk or even when lying on the bed. This help strengthens the pelvic muscles and prepare for an easy pregnancy.

As one progresses in pregnancy week by week, yoga becomes the ideal exercise to be engaged in as it exercises the core and does not necessarily place a lot of strain on the belly region and thus the child is safe. Since it is common to experience discomfort during pregnancy. Yoga helps one exercise the core which is at the center of the pregnancy. This minimizes the chance of discomfort in pregnancy and increases the chance that one feels discomfort during pregnancy as well as during childbirth. Exercising the core using yoga reduces the chance of fatigue occurring, as well as pain and cramping during pregnancy.

Visualization is yet another effective tool which may help one prepare for child birth. This requires a person to picture what the end result of the pregnancy may be and in so doing, work towards the ideal point where they believe they may enjoy the child bearing process. Working on positive visualization may help one grow their resolve to work towards having the best period of their lives. If negative thoughts linger in the mind, work towards replacing these thoughts with positive thoughts to enjoy a simple time when giving birth. If there are places where you may feel anxious about, try to visualize the best outcome and enjoy an amazing time.

Another really important of the pregnancy health tips is to learn to breathe through the discomfort and pain. This helps get enough oxygen in the brain which is highly recommended in getting a great end result. Breathing slowly and moderately through the pregnancy contractions allows one to avoid hyperventilating which would lead to even bigger problems.

Walking is also one of the simplest and best exercises that one can engage in pregnancy week by week. This keeps the body fit by burning off excess calories and ensuring metabolism is up. Overall physical fitness is ensured as most of the muscles are exercised. Walking also reduces the pain as one goes into labor. When all the above ways and means are used, an easy time during child birth can be guaranteed.