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6 Ways To Lower Breast Cancer Risk

6 Ways To Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is widely known to affect the women while some very few men experience it. It develops in the inner lining where the milk ducts are found. You can self examine your breast in order to look for any symptoms which include: a feeling of a lump in the breast, change in the skin color and texture of the breast, skin dimpling, clear or bloody fluid that leaks out of the nipple and change in how the nipple looks i.e. pulling in the inside. If you notice any of the above signs see a doctor immediately and have a mammogram test run in you.

The following are 6 ways that can help you lower breast cancer risk

  1. Limit alcohol and do not smoke

These are lifestyle habits that can be completely eliminated if an individual wants to stay free from breast cancer. Practice healthy habits i.e. staying free from alcohol. If it you cannot stay away from alcohol just limit yourself to only one bottle per day. In order to completely stay away from both smoking and alcohol change your friends and be wise not to form any form of enemies with your old friends just be wise and join other friends who are non alcoholic or smokers.

  1. Exercise

Ensure your body is not obese by keeping an active mode. If you cannot make to the gym practice walking and jogs both in the morning. It will help you burn excess fats that can cause breast cancer. Obese people are prone to the risk of breast cancer hence take the advantage of reducing excess fat by also keeping of junk foods that lead to excessive weight gain. Exercise helps to boost body immunity giving you a guarantee that your hormones are able to fight diseases from attacking you.

  1. Practice exclusive breastfeeding

Breast feeding benefits both the mother and the baby. First of all the breast milk ensures healthy growth of the baby boosting its immunity hence the baby i.e. not prone to diseases. Secondly the mother also has benefits since the longer she breast feeds the more she reduces the risks to breast cancer.

  1. Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollution

Avoid some medical tests that are high in radiation since they expose your body to greater risk of breast cancer only take them when necessary. Avoid exposing your body to harmful chemicals or environments that are highly polluted. If you have to wear protective clothing’s before entering in such places, wear a face mask that will prevent you from breathing the chemicals in your system. If you happen to enter in such places unprotected your immune system will be lowered hence exposing you to breast cancer risk.

  1. Eat healthy diet

Ensure you take a balanced diet in every meal. This helps to boost your immune system keeping your body protected from breast cancer risk and any other disease risks. Take lots of water and fluids to prevent constipation which can lead to intestinal cancer in the long run. A balanced diet helps burn excess fats in the body and prevent over production of fat which can expose the body to risks such as breast cancer, blood pressure, diabetes and many others. In your diet ensure vegetables are more since they boost body immunity more.

  1. Take a mammogram and self test

Mammogram is a clinical test whereby your breast has to be checked whether it has any possibility of being attacked by breast cancer. In case you are found positive for breast cancer treatment starts immediately and you can be promise long life if you just follow the doctor’s advice. Always take a self test maybe once in a month in order to be sure of your health.

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The above 6 ways are of great help to you and can help you live a life free of breast cancer. Take all of them on a serious note and you shall be glad. Avoid chemical cosmetic, alcohol,smoking since they contribute highly to form breast cancer .Breast cancer can be hereditary so as you take a self examination, take a survey on all you elder ones in older to know whether there is any who had breast cancer .If there is none you are luck but you have to take caution. In case you find a list of them who were diagnosed with it, take a step of preventing yourself from the attack. Breast cancer can be treated and prevented at early stages.