Background Rants and Raves


I am a practicing full-time physician.  I practice Gynecology & Women’s Health, but also subspecialize in hormone balancing, functional medicine and anti-aging.

I have titled this post “Accountability” because this is one thing that American’s sorely lack, and the current political administration has only added to this dysfunction.  Probably 90% of the women in my practice complain about their weight.  I’m sure this is common for many health practitioners today.  Wel know that the majority of the time, it is not a physiogical, endocrine, hormonal or metabolic issue.  Meaning, it is usually lifestyle issues.  I always ask the question “what kind of exercise do you do?”  “Describe a days diet to me.”  Usually the answer to the former is, “I run after my kids all day,” or “I work 12 hours a day”.  The answer to the latter, “I haven’t changed my eating habits at all, but I continue to gain weight.”

Of course, I initially delve into the topic by addressing physical activity and nutritional accountability.  These are the two things that most of us have significant control over, but also the two areas where people take the least responsibility.  When I bring up these two areas, nine times out of ten, the patient’s eyes glaze over.  I can see the wheels spinning “I’ve heard it all before.  Just give me a pill.” 

My frustration with this reaction has grown exponentially, especially since I have started pursuing a fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  There are so many simple things we can do to be good to our bodies, but we choose not to, then wonder why our bodies turn on us 10 years down the line.  The excuse of I have children, I work full-time.  Yes, these are UNIVERSAL handicaps, but we also manage to find time for the things we deem important.  We find 30 minutes for Grey’s Anatomy, or the sale at Kohl’s, but we don’t find time for 30 minutes of exercise, which we KNOW, has so many benefits. 

Accountability.   Ownership.  People, let’s take back the responsbility for our own health and well-being and stop blaming everyone and everthing else for our poor state of health.

Of note:  Obviously there are people who have health issues that are completely beyond their control.  This is not the population I am addressing.