Anesthesiology CME

Anesthesiology CME

Anesthesiology CME courses cover a wide range of topics. Whether you are looking for a discussion on transesophageal ECHOCardiography (TEE), regional anesthesia &Ā ultrasound,Ā emerging technologies, or even onĀ managing mass casualties in an era of WMDs, there have never been more options available to physicians.

Continuing medical education courses for anesthesiologists are available both as traditional conferences and workshops and as convenient online courses.

Certainly, for hands-on training and networking, and to earn more credits in a deep-dive format, the traditional CME conferences and workshops are the way to go. However, for lower-cost and less time-intensive alternatives, where credits can be spread out over time, online anesthesiology CME offerings are ideal.

Examples of other current anesthesiology CME topics include:

  • anesthesiology in an office setting
  • airway workshops
  • anesthesia for carotid endarterectomy
  • cognitive dysfunction post-cardiopulmonary bypass
  • treatment of painful bone metastases
  • the bleeding patient
  • the implications of smoking on perioperative outcome
  • glycemic control in the operating room
  • anesthesia for interventional radiological procedures
  • perioperative infections and the anesthesia provider
  • do not resuscitate status & advanced directives
  • one-lung anesthesia
  • intraoperative dysrhythmias
  • perioperative ventilator management
  • continuous ambulatory regional anesthesia
  • discussions about recent FDA approvals
  • anesthetic management of patients with sickle cell disease
  • current controversies in OB anesthesia
  • high risk OB anesthesia
  • preoperative medical evaluation
  • anesthesia for endocrine disorders
  • peripheral stimulation for the treatment of refractory pain disorders

CME courses for fields emerging from anesthesiology

Emerging from the field of anesthesiology, pain management has grown substantially over the last 15 years. It now commands more attention from a broader range of medical and surgical specialties, as well as greater availability of pain management CME course offerings.

Anesthesiology CME Resources

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