Anesthesiology Jobs

Anesthesiology Jobs

Finding a job in anesthesiology in today’s market is not hard – finding the right one and negotiating the appropriate employment agreement is the challenge.

General Information

Anesthesiology offers careers at two different levels of education and work experience so that you can choose the right one for your career path.

As with any specialty, it is important to remember that anesthesiologist jobs start with medical training. When a person makes the decision to go to a school of this type, one of the decisions they will eventually have to make is the concentrate or specialty that they wish to pursue.

Anesthesiology Jobs include Two Main Areas of Expertise

For a person wishing to pursue anesthesiology jobs, there are two categories from which to choose. Each of these categories includes separate education requirements, pay scales, and responsibilities.

Physicians: An anesthesiologist is a specialized physician’s career that requires four years residency training after medical school. This person will have several responsibilities beyond administering anesthesia to the patient and reviewing a patient’s medical records and history to determine the safety of the anesthesia, often staffing the ICU as the attending physician.

Nurses: The second job category is nurse anesthetists. This person is a registered nurse and will be required to complete extra education consisting of about two more years of school. This job involves assisting the physician and monitoring the patient while they are anesthetized, often being the primary provider administering anesthesia to patients during surgery.

A Dedicated Specialty

As with many medical professions, there is a high demand for professionals who fit into either category of anesthesiology jobs. A person in this field will be able to find many opportunities for employment by making use of Internet searches or by consulting a medical recruiter.

When searching for a career in anesthesiology, make sure to consider the type of medical facility for which one would like to work as well as its geographic location and offered pay amount.

Anesthesiology Jobs and Salary Information

As an elite type of specialty, the anesthesiology salary scale is significantly higher than many of the other specialties. For an anesthesiologist, the average salary across the country is over $250,000 a year. For a nurse anesthetist, the pay range averages at over $100,000. These figures will vary depending upon the location of the hiring facility.

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