Babysitter – What she Needs to Know

Babysitter – What she Needs to Know

Whether you occasionally hire a babysitter to watch your children or you have a full-time nanny work, this checklist covers everything a caregiver needs to know so she can keep your kids happy and safe when you’re not around. Before you go out, fill it in, print it out, post it on the fridge, and rest easy as you head for the door.

General Information for a Babysitter

  • Our names:

  • Our home address:

  • Our home telephone number:

  • The name, phone number, and location of where we’ll be:

  • The time we plan to return home:

  • House key is kept:

  • Car key is kept:

  • First-aid supplies are kept:

  • Medications are kept:

When a babysitter should contact us

  • If a child has been crying for more than 20 or 30 minutes and you can’t figure out what’s wrong.

  • If a child develops a fever, vomits, or is injured (more than a superficial scrape).

  • Anytime a situation develops that you feel you can’t handle without help.

  • Mom’s work and/or cell phone numbers:

  • Dad’s work and/or cell phone numbers:

In an emergency, if we can’t be reached, the babysitter should contact:

  • (Input name, relationship, address, and telephone)

  • (Input name, relationship, address, and telephone)

  • (Input name, relationship, address, and telephone)

Emergency help numbers to call:

  • Poison control:

  • Police department:

  • Fire department:

  • Hospital or urgent care:

  • Pediatrician’s name and number:

What to do in case of a fire:

  • In the case of a small, contained fire (on the stove, for example), the fire extinguisher can be used if you already know how to operate one. Our fire extinguisher is located:

  • In the event of a larger fire, gather all the children immediately and usher them out of the house via the nearest door or window.

  • Test doors before you open them. Kneel down, reach up as high as you can, and touch the door with the back of your hand–at the knob and around the frame. If there’s a fire on the other side, it will feel warm on the knob and around the cracks.

  • If the door is warm, try another escape route.

  • Exits are located:

  • Take the kids and go straight to a neighbor’s house–preferably one who is on the “in case of emergency” list–and call 911 from there.

  • Call us, or one of the above alternate contacts if we are not reachable.

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