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Back Pain During Pregnancy:What To Do?

Back Pain During Pregnancy:What To Do?

Back pain is a common complaint among pregnant women. It is thus good to learn at the various back pains that are caused by pregnancy and how to distinguish them, their causes and how to resolve them. In most cases, back pain during pregnancy will come about when the pelvis meets the spine at the sacroiliac joint. There may be a variety of reasons that can cause back pain in pregnancy. Below are just a few of these.

The first of the most common causes of back pain is weight gain. In most cases, women will, on average gain between 25 – 35 pounds during pregnancy. This undue weight gain that is very rapid causes some level of strain in the back and the spine has to support this weight, even without preparation. Most women do not prepare adequately for pregnancy and thus the gain of weight in the belly as the young one grows is met with shock by the body and the supporting structure. As the baby grows, there is increased pressure on the pelvis as well as the back nerves, not to mention the blood vessels. This may in most cases result in back pains and a curved spine as the body tries to accommodate for the new baby’s growth.

Posture changes may also cause lower back pain. As the weight in the belly grows with growth of the baby, there is increased change of posture as the body tries to accommodate for the growing baby, this change in posture may adjust how one moves and cause back pains as well as strain, especially for women who are naturally heavy even without the baby in the picture.

Hormone changes have also been shown to cause back pains and strain. This is because the body produces a hormone called as relaxin during pregnancy. This hormone relaxes the pelvis and joints tend to become looser as the body prepares for the process of birth. This hormone loosens the ligaments throughout the body, even in the spine and this may cause severe back pain in some women as the strain of the baby close to term might make one to seek bed rest to alleviate pain.

Muscle separation may also be the reason back pains are felt. As the uterus expands during pregnancy, the rectal abdominis muscle which is the main muscle in the abdomen stretches two parallel sides. This muscle may separate at the center and back pain may be the result as there is very little support from the abdomen if the said muscle does not work as it is supposed to.

Stress may also be one cause of back pains that are felt during pregnancy. Stress is in the form of the growing baby which has a lot of demands from the mother, both regarding the physical requirements as well as the mental ones.
In most cases, the various causes of back pains in pregnancy are treated or can be managed. It is good to note that with the completion of pregnancy, the pains gradually recede. It is only in women who had chronic backache before pregnancy set in that the pain still lingers on after birth.

Exercise is one of the things to include in your daily regime. Light and simple exercise can help strengthen the core as well as improve circulation of blood and oxygen. Yoga is highly recommended for pregnant women. Light exercise such as walking, swimming or even cycling can help alleviate the various back pains. One should also consult their doctor on the best exercises to exercise the back during pregnancy. Exercise is also a great way to not only exercise muscles and boost flexibility, but also a great way to relieve stress.

Use of cold or hot presses on the back have also been shown to alleviate back pains and boost good health in pregnant women.  One should compress the bag of hot or cold around the problematic area for about 20 minutes. It is important to note that the abdomen should be avoided during pregnancy. Improving one’s posture is yet another great way of dealing with the back pains. One should be mindful of their posture as they work, sit as well as sleep. When one focuses on the posture consciously, the end result is less pain in the back as well as an enjoyable pregnancy.