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Balancing work and mommyhood – The Entrepreneurial MD goes nannyless

I started the New Year in a whole new mode – no more regular nanny!

This is a big step for me, as I have pretty much had a nanny working full-time since my daughter was three weeks old. These have been busy years, birthing and then raising a child and a business at the same time.

As my daughter neared her eighth birthday, and we faced the decision of hiring yet another full-time nanny, I acknowledged the ache I’ve been feeling at how fast my daughter’s childhood is passing. Where did the last eight years go?

At first ambivalent, and then with excitement and enthusiasm, I made the decision to confine my work hours to those when my daughter is in school. Give or take a few days here and there when I might need some childcare to support a few early morning or late afternoon business activities!

Well, the first week is under way, and I’m reporting in.

It feels both strange, and strangely freeing, to be watching the clock near school pickup time, knowing that there is no leeway. I have to be in that line at the time that school comes out!

How glad my heart is to spot my daughter, hair askew, socks down by her ankles and backpack twirling, as I pull up to the curb. How filled with delight my ears are to listen to her prattling in the back of the car on the way home, to the strains of Kesha or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. How much I won’t be missing, any more…

Of course, this choice is going to demand heightened efficiency — the early-morning fridge-toaster-lunchbox dance to get a somewhat nutritious school meal together, the rapid e-mail review and response between breakfast and teeth brushing to get set for my own work day, the concentrated effort to tackle my task list between coaching calls, and the superhuman attempt to find 30 or 45 minutes to exercise. For a physician business owner who’s also a mom, I’m discovering that every moment counts.

I’m even writing this blog article while my daughter is at an after-school play date.

I’ll keep you posted…  And I’m taking all suggestions from physician moms who figured this work part-time and be around for the kids thing out 🙂