Hiring a Medical Office Manager (2)

Medical office manager job description and medical practice experience

How much experience, if any, do you want her to have? Personally, I will take medical office experience over a school degree any day. Too many times I have encountered managers with a Business Degree who have absolutely no knowledge of what it takes to really run an office. In my experience, they seem to see things strictly in black-and-white… while in real life, there are a lot of gray areas that need attending to. While it would be nice if every medical office manager job description included a comprehensive list of duties, it is neither practical nor realistic. Your candidates need the common sense, smarts and practical know-how that come from experience in the field.

While you cannot hire or refuse hiring based on age… keep these things in mind:

Your office manager must have self-confidence (with your support) in her duties. She must be able to reprimand an employee at any time. She must be able to communicate well…..and she must be able to spell, write a business letter, and most of all, she needs to know how to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. You don’t want someone with a volatile temper dealing with a patient who has a complaint about her care or her bill. She must also be able to say “thank you” and “please”. She should also be able to fill in whenever and wherever necessary should the occasion arise.

Medical office manager salary

As for a starting salary…..check with other physicians in your area. What are they paying their Office Manager….how long has she been employed there…..what are her job duties. That will give you a good starting point. This is one area where cheaper is not necessarily better…and it certainly won’t save you any money in the long run.

Also keep in mind, that most Office Managers…if they have hire-and-fire privileges, do payroll, pay the office bills…are not generally eligible for overtime (check with the Department of Labor in your state). However, bonuses, additional time off is always appreciated. 🙂

Always Check References!!! I can’t stress this enough. Look at her resume. How many jobs has she had? How long on the average has she stayed with them? Is she moving up the ladder…or is she moving sideways? Ask previous employers how she got along with staff, patients, other physicians in the practice. Was she sick often…take an abnormally amount of time off….tardy? Does she learn quickly? Did she need supervision all the time? What was the quality of her work? Did she contribute any ideas that would help the office run more smoothly?

In short…have an idea of what you want before you hire someone for this position. A good Office Manager will be your right arm…your office wife, so to speak. She will allow you to do what you want…to see your patients and have a well-run, smooth business