Hiring a Medical Office Manager

Hiring a Medical Office Manager

A medical office manager can be the single most valuable employee you have. So before the interview process….ask yourself these questions. Note: I use “she” to denote the medical office manager, but do not let that restrict you from looking at male office managers.

Questions before you hire a medical office manager

1. What do you want your medical office manager to do? What do you want her to be responsible for? How much authority do you want her to have? How much responsibility should she take on?

2. Do you want someone with a degree in Business Administration? Do you want someone who’s had at least 2 years of managing in any profession…..5 years in medical practice management? Do you want someone who’s never worked in management or a medical office?

3. Are you looking for someone young…who can identify with your younger patients? Do you want someone more mature who can identify with your older patients?

4. How much are you willing to pay for this person’s services? Minimum wage to start with regular increases? Salary depending on experience? Do you know what the typical medical office manager salary is in your community?

5. How many references should you check? Do you know the questions to ask when checking references?

These are just a few of the things you need to know before you ever advertise for a medical office manager. Make a list of what you want…what you’re willing to pay…have the medical office manager job description ready.

Medical office manager jobs – duties and responsibilities

Exactly WHAT do you want your office manager to do? Manage the office…that part is easy enough, but you want to be specific. Obviously you want someone who will see that your office is run and the patients treated the way YOU want. Will you allow her to hire and fire new employees? Should all office personnel report to her concerning absences, lateness, days off, vacation, etc? Will your office manager be responsible for Accounts Payables? Do you want your office manager to have a “job” in addition to running the office? Will she also file insurance….check patients out…make appointments…post payments on a daily basis….make a daily deposit?

Remember…….if you give the office manager the responsibility …also give her the authority to handle whatever problems come up with those responsibilities. A good office manager knows her limitations…but she should feel secure enough in her position to take care of problems without interrupting you a hundred times a day “asking permission”.

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