MomMD Blog Author’s Help Guide

MomMD Blog Author’s Help Guide

How to log in to your blog account

To log in to your MomMD blogger account, go to Login access to the site is limited only to blog authors, so this link is not published on the site.

How to import your blog from another blogging system

1. log into your mommd blog account
2. Click on “Manage Your Blog”
3. In the dashboard menu, select “Tools” then “Import”
4. Select the blogging system you use (blogspot and blogger are the same)
5. Enter your information (typically, login and password associated with the other blogging account)
I haven’t gotten this to work.

How to start a new post

To start a new post you must first log into your MomMD account.
Once logged in, go to “blogs” and you will see a menu similar to the one outline in red below. Select “New Post” and you will be able to enter a new post.

How to edit a previous post

To edit an existing post you must first log into your MomMD account.
Once logged in, go to “blogs” and find the specific blog entry you want to edit. Below the title of the specific blog entry you will see a line that includes your name and a link “edit”.
Click edit. Once you have made the desired changes, click “Update Post” to the right.

How to get your picture (avatar) on your blog

Your photo that appears with each blog comes from the “gravatar” service. The gravatar service associates a photo that you provide with the email address that you provide. Whenever you log in to blogging or commenting service anywhere on the web, if you use the email address associated with the gravatar, the gravatar will likely appear next to your post.

To have your photo appear, you will need to sign up for the gravatar service at . Enter the email address you use for blogging, then upload the photo you want to appear. Your blog will automatically pull the photo from gravatar.

Just be warned that if you use the same email address to post comments on other sites (like ABC News, etc.) they might pull the same photo. If you don’t want your photo to appear other places, use a unique email address for your mommd blog.

How to embed video in a post

To embed a video you must first activate the video plug in. Only need to do this the first time you want to embed a video. To activate the plug in, go to your admin page (“manage blog”), click on plugins, then activate the video plugin.

While editing a blog post (or writing it for the first time) you can embed a video for display. In “visual” mode (where the tab “Visual” rather than “HTML” is active in your editing window), put your cursor where you want the video to appear.

Next, type the code for the video. The code for the video consists of opening and closing brackets, an abbreviation for the video service, and the unique ID of the video.

For example, a facebook video (note that capitalization is important):
[FB 103758506333934]
or a YouTube video:

[youtube 8DHOZW_8OPk]

will embed the video found at

Formats for other video services can be found at: