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Book review: “Ingredients of Outliers”

Book review: “Ingredients of Outliers”

With areas of my office piled high with books (I am a “book pack rat”), once in a while I’ll come across a good read about which I feel the urge to enthuse here on my blog. “Ingredients of Outliers” is such a book. (I must fully disclose that I was mailed a review copy when I learned of the book via a press release).

Written by a multifaceted physician/attorney/entrepreneur, John Shufeldt MD MBA JD, this book is subtitled “A Recipe for Personal Achievement”. Naturally, the personal/professional fulfillment and happiness physician coach in me was intrigued!!

The term “outliers” was coined most distinctly by Malcolm Gladwell in his 2011 book “Outliers”, and Shufeldt has taken it upon himself to explore how this information can help his readers make that leap from ordinary, or modestly talented, to outlier (even if you don’t have 10,000 hours to accomplish it!)

In a self-deprecating manner, Shufeldt intertwines stories about his personal journey with those of many highly accomplished, successful men and women to illustrate the points made about each of his “ingredients”. Through his entertaining storytelling, he emphasizes his own failures, along with anecdotes and vignettes about the rags-to-riches and humble beginnings of others, including those of many familiar contemporary and historical names.

The 16 chapters detail the “what” and “how” of each ingredient, examples including humility, failing fast, persistence, preparation, kindness, efficiency and so on. And each chapter ends with “Food for Thought” – a brief summary of the chapter’s key ideas – and “In Other Words” – a collection of relevant, inspirational quotes.

The net effect is that of an encouraging guide with shared insights being delivered by a highly accomplished and humble man who seems to have surprised himself and others along the way!

Next week, I will have the pleasure of publishing a podcast interview with Dr. John Shufeldt in an attempt to unravel and expose for you the source of his success. So be sure to stop by the Entrepreneurial MD to listen in.

Philippa Kennealy ran a private family practice, and a hospital, before building her coaching business helping MDs launch and run successful practices and businesses. Visit her online to learn more.