Ideas For Increased Effectiveness

Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 3

Are you ready for this morning’s jolt of “joe for the soul”?

Today, Professor Rao reminds us that where we put our attention is what happens to us.

As esoteric as it sounds, it translates practically in this way:

Imagine you have a patient you dislike. Mrs. Smith complains endlessly about her children, your office staff, her job, her aching back and her mysterious undiagnosable body aches. You feel a sinking sensation when you see her name on your schedule.

You begin to dread her visit (consciously or unconsciously) because she symbolizes everything you can’t stand about clinical practice. The more mental attention you give her upcoming visit, the more your day deteriorates, and the more your belief that clinical practice SUCKS is validated!!

I know, because I have been in that very place. Discover what you can change with Whatever You Focus on Expands.

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