Ideas For Increased Effectiveness

Boost your Physician Happiness Quotient on the job – Tip 4

How often throughout at day do you think “this is bad”, “she is horrible”, “oh no, this is NOT GOOD!”, “that’s terrible”? Probably way more than you realize.

In his book, Happiness at Work, Professor Srikumar Rao tells a story about a champion swimmer sidelined by injury at he was training for the US Olympics team. The clincher occurs when what this swimmer had labeled bad, so bad it was almost of disastrous proportions in his mind, became his ultimate advantage when it mattered most!

The way we label things, events and people is only as good as our ability to foretell the future!

Watch The Power of Labels and then pay attention to your own labeling habits. Maybe you’ll discover a new tool to add more personal joy at work and in your life.

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