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The Other Side of Medicine by Brandon Knight

The Other Side of Medicine by Brandon Knight

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Brandon Knight is the author of the MomMD series, “ The Other Side of Medicine. Mr. Knight has been an Investment Banker since 1987. Presently he lives in Greenwich Connecticut and New York City with his wife of eleven years who is an MD/PhD/MPH/PGY2 Ortho resident, and their two children ages 10 and 7. Because of his profession Mr. Knight used to travel frequently and began to write stories for his children while overseas. Mr. Knight has always felt that he is a better writer than banker, finally deciding to transition to writing full time, while watching and guiding his children lives from which he has previously been all to absent. The following stories were written specifically as a resource for other Married physicians/residents, Stay At Home Dads, their wife’s and others. Mr. Knight is forty-one, enjoys traveling, skiing, writing articles for his local paper and two websites. When he has the time he also enjoys, hiking, kickboxing, kendo, and doing research for his writing. Currently he is editing his first novel.

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