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Breast Augmentation: Myths Vs. Facts

Breast Augmentation: Myths Vs. Facts

The health and wellness industry can be filled with a lot of misleading info. Although most of us have no idea where those myths actually originated from, a lot of people end up believing them. Breast enhancement is no different. Whatever you call it (breast enlargement, implants, ‘boob job’) separating the truth from fiction can be tricky. To clear things up a bit, we’ll go over some popular myths about breast augmentation surgery, and dispel them with concrete facts.

Myth: A Surgeon Will Deliver Similar Results to All Patients

The fact is that even when two women go to the same surgeon for breast augmentation surgery, they are likely to come out with different results. Individual result can depend on factors such as your skin condition, size and type of the implant chosen, and incision placement. An experienced specialist in breast augmentations will always provide the best possible results of course, but it won’t be the same for everyone.

Myth: All Surgeons Are Equally Qualified

Many women believe that the words ‘cosmetic’ and ‘plastic’ are interchangeable when it comes to surgeons. That’s simply not the case. While plastic surgeons must undergo a rigorous board-certification process that can take years, nearly any physician that performs elective surgeries can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. A board-certified surgeon with the ABPS is the best bet when opting for breast enhancement surgeries of any type.

Myth: The Bigger, The Better!

It’s understandable why one would think so, especially since a number of women go for breast augmentation surgery because they want to increase their size. However, going too big can look awkward on your frame and cause problems down the line such as chronic back pain. Consulting with your surgeon will help determine which size would provide the most benefit while looking natural.

Myth: Breast Implants Last Throughout One’s Lifetime

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that even the best breast implant will last an entire lifetime. Most implants come with a 10-year warranty that can help negate the cost of secondary surgeries as a result of a potential rupture/malfunction. Many women opt to upgrade their implants for aesthetic reasons or an uplift at some point. Regular checkups should keep you informed on the internal conditions.

Myth: Silicone Implants are Dangerous

Silicone implants have come a long way since they were invented in 1962. Although there are many myths about their health hazards, there hasn’t been much scientific evidence to back those claims. It’s true, silicone gel implant ruptures are harder to spot. If a rupture is found, your surgeon may recommend removal or replacement to ease your mind. The FDA currently encourages women with silicone implants to undergo regular mammograms every 2-3 years.

Myth: You Need to Worry About the Scar from the Surgery

Incisions are often made in easily-concealable locations such as within the creases of your skin or around the areola. Follow the scar management procedures provided to you by your surgeon, and the scar will probably only be noticeable to you over time.

Final Thoughts

With so much misleading information out there about breast augmentations, there are many other myths that need to be busted. The best way to do that would be through a consult with a reputable clinic such as the Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Centre in Arizona. Ask your questions to the experts directly and never trust anything until it has been confirmed by a medical professional.