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Breast Cancer Signs You Must Know

Breast Cancer Signs You Must Know

There has been a remarkable improvement in the attention given to breast cancer. More and more people take their mammography tests regularly which often help detect the occurrence of breast cancer early enough. However, it is important to note that not all cases of breast cancer are detected through mammography that is why it is important that every woman takes a keen interest in her breasts. And the good news is that when breast cancer is detected in its early stages, then it is much easier for one to find necessary treatment and prevent any further spread.

Before we get to the signs for cancer, it is important that one gets to know their normal breast look. This way, they are better placed to tell if there is any difference in their breasts. Take time always to study your breasts regularly and know every detail of your breasts.

The following are crucial breast cancer signs that every woman should look for and signs that should send you to see your doctor for a checkup.

1. A lump in the breast
The normal breast feel is a smooth one without lumps or a mass in it. If you felt through your breast and realized there is a lump or mass in your breast, then it is time to visit with your doctor for further examination of the lump. Incidentally, majority of the lumps are often painless with very few being painful. It is also important to note that not all lumps turn out to be cancerous; there are some benign conditions like cysts which could also lead to lumps in the breast. If the lumps are not cancerous, the doctor could just remove the mass. This is why you should not panic in the first place before you see a doctor. Therefore the sooner one gets the lumps examined, the better.

2. A swelling occurring at the collar bone, in the armpit area or around your breast
Inflammatory breast cancer-a very aggressive form of the breast cancer-often leads to some swelling in the said regions of the body. Such swelling is as a result of the spread of the cancerous cells to the lymph nodes of the collar, and the armpit regions of the body. The swelling often occurs before you could even feel for the lump. This is why a woman needs to be keen on the size of her breast in order to tell whenever there is any swelling. Early examination of the swelling could help prevent any further spread.

3. Thickening of the skin or redness
If you examined your skin and found that it was thick as that of an orange and that the color of your skin was turning red, then it is important that you immediately call your doctor for a visit. This commonly occurs among breast feeding women and is caused by a breast infection called mastitis that could easily be treated using antibiotics. If it is the infection it should clear within a week; but if it does not then check again with your doctor after the week. This symptom is similar to the inflammatory breast cancer which is very aggressive. If is critical to determine it as early as possible.

4. Warmth and itching in the breast
Warmth and itching of the breasts could also be caused by the breast infection like in the above case. But if the antibiotics treatment does not clear this infection in a week’s time, then it could be a symptom of the inflammatory breast cancer. Immediately find your doctor for examination.

5. Discharges from the nipple
Any discharge from you nipple apart from the usual milk discharge is often scary; this could be caused by many other factors apart from breast cancer. But in the case of a bloody discharge then you have to be more concerned and visit with your doctor because this could be breast cancer.

6. Changes in the nipple
Breast cancer has been known to cause changes in the way your nipple looks like. The nipple could turn inwards, or become scaly, or become thick and gets red. All these should have you see your doctor as soon as possible; they could be symptoms of cancer.

7. Pain
Women could have pain in their breasts that could be related to ovulation. Another cause of breast pain is the mastitis infection which could be sudden. If you felt that you pain is not as a result of ovulation, then you need to be checked to confirm if the pain is for mastitis or cancerous.

Early detection of breast cancer is critical in saving a woman, in breast reduction of cancer. All the possibility of such detection lies solely in the hands of every individual. It is important to look out for the above signs in your breast and even encourage your loved ones to do the same.