Cardiology jobs

Cardiology jobs

Cardiology itself is a study of the heart and blood vessels pertaining to the heart. The career can include patient health and diagnosis of such conditions as congenital heart disorders, heart disease, and heart failure. The physician is specialized in the heart and is not a surgeon. The physician will not only diagnose patients with various disorders of the heart, but will also work on patient treatment programs and continue to treat the patient throughout their heart illness, even if it is long-term. As the demand for more of these specialists continues to rise, the availability of cardiology job options is quite high.

Education Requirements

In order to pursue cardiologist jobs, a person will need to reach physician status through regular medical school and then complete a standard three year internal medicine residency. After this, a physician acquires cardiologist status by completing another two to five years of specialty studies in a fellowship. Depending on the fellowship choosed, the physician will prepare for their future as one of the following types of cardio specialists:

  • non-invasive
  • invasive, non-interventional
  • interventional
  • electrophysiologist

Cardiology Jobs for Physicians

The non-invasive and invasive, non-interventional cardio specialties are fairly similar in that they are both focused primarily on the diagnosis of cardiac problems and on non-surgical tests (stress tests, echocardiograms, electrocardiograms, nuclear imaging) and treatments (diets and medication). In addition to these non-invasive procedures, the invasive, non-interventional specialist also performs cardiac catheterizations to find blocked arteries.

The interventional cardiologist has completed an initial fellowship and pursued an additional fellowship for specialization in advanced hospital procedures such as angioplasty and the placement of stents. Angioplasties and catheterizations are the main work of the interventional specialist.

The electrophysiologist also completed the initial fellowship and pursued an additional fellowship studying the heart’s bioelectrical impulses and treatments for arrythmia, including medications, pacemakers, ablation and other surgical procedures.

Cardiology Jobs for Nurses and Technicians

A nurse interested in the heart and cardiovascular system may pursue a career in a private practice or in a hospital’s cardiac care center, or may become certified as a nurse specialist.

Technicians may specialize in EKGs, nuclear imaging, or may work in a cath lab.

Yet another specialty-related job is that of the cardiac perfusionist. A certified cardiac perfusionist (CCP) is trained to operate the heart-lung machine which is typically used during a variety of cardiac surgeries and organ transplants.

Locum Tenens Versus Long-Term

While a full-time career in cardiology is considered the standard, more and more people are choosing the path of Locum Tenens. This temporary job type includes working on-call or working temporarily to fill a vacant position.

Finding the Right Jobs

Unfortunately, the need for heart specialists is on the rise. As more people in the United States suffer from heart problems related to high blood pressure or high cholesterol, more people need to seek the services of these specialists. There are more cardiology jobs available now than ever.

To find the right job, research the area where you prefer to work and live. Then, consider using a recruiter or try MomMD’s physician job search tool to find available careers.

Cardiologist Jobs and Salary

Cardiologist salary is dependent on where a physician works, for whom the physician works, and on experience level. In the United States it is anywhere from $270,000 to $800,000, with averages in the $400,000 to $600,000 range. This is for standard positions. Locum Tenens jobs will pay differently depending on the length of the job.

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