Cardiologist Salaries

Cardiologist Salaries

Choosing a career in cardiology, or the study of the heart, can be rewarding career-wise as well as financially. Since cardiology does take an extra four years in order to practice, expected salary is something that one should think about carefully. By taking the time to study salaries before beginning the cardiology specialty, a person will be prepared to begin their career search.

As reported on, the 2009 American Medical Group Association (AMGA) Medical Group Compensation and Financial Survey showed the median total compensation for starting cardiologists to be $292,000 while that of the experienced cardiologist was $398,034.

The Variables that Can Affect Cardiologist Salary

There are number of things that can impact a cardiologist salary. In order to know what one should expect when they pursue a career in cardiology, one must consider the different factors that affect salary.

Years of experience is an important determinant of salary for cardiologists. Starting salary for cardiologists is typically in the range of $180,000 to $250,000. Physicians with over 5 years experience may draw salaries in the $300,000 to $400,000 range, and competitive Interventional Cardiologists who have created successful, profit-sharing partnerships can bring in as much as $800,000.

Level of specialization is also a determining factor of salary. Whether you chose to be a non-invasive cardiologist, an invasive non-interventional cardiologist, an interventional cardiologist, or an Electrophysiologists (EP) will impact your salary. Each requires a different commitment to and investment in training, and results in increases in compensation.

Choice of practice will have a great impact. For example, a person who chooses to open their own practice can expect to make a fairly different salary from someone who chooses to work for a medical facility like a hospital or a cardiology group practice.

Geographic location is also a factor. A cardiologist who works in a rural area for a smaller facility can expect a lower salary than someone who works in a metropolitan area for a larger facility.

Locum Tenens Cardiologist Salary Expectations: Someone who chooses to do Locum Tenens work can expect a different salary level from someone working in a more permanent position. Since Locum Tenens cardiology work is temporary, a physician can expect to receive a certain salary based upon a per day, per hour, on-call, or even per week basis. Many people choose Locum Tenens work while they search for a more permanent position since it can offer a supplemental income.

Researching Cardiologist Salaries Can Help with the Job Search

Before beginning an official search for cardiology jobs, a person should research the average salaries in the area where they are interested and willing to work. This way, they will be able to determine if a potential job is being competitive or if their own desired salary level is too high. Knowing what to expect can greatly affect a person’s job search.

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