Thinking of Becoming a Doctor? Read the Stories and Bios of Women like You (2)

Thinking of Becoming a Doctor? Read the Stories and Bios of Women like You (2)

Future Family Nurse Practioner thinking of medical school, 31 with two kids

“In graduate school to become a family nurse practitioner still have this fervor to practice medicine as a family physician in underserved areas, but not sure whether I will be sacrificing my children or whether I should embark upon this rigorous endeavor. I’m planning to go for my doctorates after grad school, but I keep asking myself why not med school. It will take the same amount of time and I will be doing what I really want.” TM, 31, mother of 2

Young single mom divorcee

“All my life I’ve wanted to study medicine, but I quit college because I got married young and had an unplanned pregnancy. I am now separated w/ a 4 year old, whom I LOVE dearly, to take care of and am hoping that my dream can still come true. Is there any hope? Stumbling across this web site is giving me some hope.” DD, 23, mother of one

Wants medical career and children

“I am currently seeking a 2nd bachelors degree. I find this website very encouraging. I feel the reason it has taken me so long to commit to a career in medicine is because of figuring out when and how children would fit into medical school, residency, etc. My husband is very supportive and wants me to pursue whatever I want. It is encouraging to know that there are women who have children and a career in medicine.” JT, 29

32 year-old marketing professional with baby

“I’m a married, 32-year-old mother of a 3 month old, and freelance writer/marketing consultant. I have a Bachelor of Journalism from the University…, and a Master of Arts in Marketing from … University. I’ve been working in marketing communications for the past ten years, but have not been satisfied with my chosen career. I felt that communications was not my “calling,” even though I was very good at what I did. I wasn’t worried, though. I knew deep down that when the time was right, I’d know what my vocation would be. To compensate, I’ve spent a significant amount of time volunteering. A lot of little things throughout the years have hinted toward medicine as a career, but the recent birth of my son really opened my eyes and pointed me in that direction. So, I am now starting to investigate the possibilities. I’m definitely at the “tip of the iceberg” in this whole process. Over the next several months I plan on volunteering at a local hospital, speaking with physicians about their profession, possibly “shadowing” some physicians (although I don’t exactly know how to go about doing this), and speaking with a pre-med. advisor (I need all of the science pre-reqs) and a med. school admissions representative. Because of the sacrifices involved, I feel I need to take a well thought out and extremely realistic approach to making sure this is really what I want to do and figuring out if it is really possible.” C, 32, mother of one

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