Thinking of Becoming a Doctor? Read the Stories and Bios of Women like You

Thinking of Becoming a Doctor? Read the Stories and Bios of Women like You

Thinking of becoming a doctor? Read the stories and bios of women like you

{loadposition hidden-adsense-block-intro} Do you wonder if you are the only crazy person considering medicine as a career? Well, MomMD gets thousands of visitors per month, many of whom are just like you! Here are the bios and personal stories of some of these women!

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Can an RN become a doctor?

“I am a 25 year old nurse (RN) and I would like to follow my dream of becoming a physician. I hope to be starting a family in the next 5-6 years and I’m interested in learning how other women balance medical school and family.” MW, 25

Caregiver of sick father

“While I’m not a parent or at present contemplating becoming one, I’m in a parent/child role reversal situation. My father had a severe stroke 2 years ago, and although he’s in a nursing home, my daily routine is very much that of a caregiver trying to balance work, home life and being a part of his daily life. Being the only immediate family member, and having spent a part of each day over this period in either a hospital or nursing home with him, has awakened in me the desire to pursue a medical career, which I long ago tabled for a more practical career in business. Part of my reason for deciding against medical school was also my belief that I couldn’t deal with the difficult emotional situations, as well as the medical procedures. Now, it has become routine in my own little way, and I realize that I was considerably stronger than I gave myself credit for as a teenager pondering her future. It may be several years before I can financially consider going back to school, but I am trying to learn as much as possible about what I would be faced with, to see if it is possible at this stage in my life. My biggest concern now is the time it would take away from being able to visit him, and maintain some semblance of the routine that has become so important to him.” CJ

33 year old, medicine is her vocation

“I have been told by many people that I should be a doctor. I have always felt that I should be, but now that I am 33, and have a good job (that I never thought I would stay at because when I started it I was hunting for a neuroscience research position)and a house, etc., I feel like becoming a doctor is a pie-in-the sky dream, and my reality is this job. It is a JOB , but I feel (and have been told by other physicians) that medicine is my VOCATION. I just need to be mentored or encouraged by someone else who has been in my shoes.” KE, 33, mother of one

21 year-old mother of one in community college

“I have always been interested in the medical profession and am intent on accomplishing my goal to be a doctor. I am in a community college now because of my set backs and because of my 11-month old son. I haven’t found really good, effective advisor about the whole medical school application and what classes are the main focus for the MCATs. I believe that this site will help in the aforementioned areas and also give me opinions and advice from the mother’s point-of-view.” SA, 21, mother of one

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