Oncology CME Courses

Credits: 40 (AMA PRA Category 1)
Format: Live Course, Multiple Formats
Price: $640 - $960
Expiration Date: 5/14/2020

This inclusive program is designed to equip learners with an update of clinical information in addition to helping them prepare for their Radiation Oncology exams (initial certifications and MOC). The 4-day program consists of didactic lectures with review questions, esyllabus (containing all PowerPoint® presentations), and designated Q&A sessions. Emphasis is on fact-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care; integrating new ideas, treatments, and imaging approaches. In addition, the course will cover the fundamentals of radiobiology and physics that are pertinent to clinical practice. The written exams focus on anatomy, epidemiology, etiological agents, natural history, pathology, tumor markers, routes of spread, the initial clinical evaluation, staging, selection of treatment modality and techniques, surgical and chemotherapy adjuvant treatments, follow-up treatment and evaluation, patterns of failure, and normal tissue effects including difficulties, all of these areas will be discussed in this presentation

Topics covered: Pediatric Radiation Oncology ***Malignant Brain Tumors*** Gastric Cancer *** Pancreatic Cancer *** Colorectal Cancer *** Anal Cancer *** Hepatic and Cholangio Cancer *** Esophageal Cancer *** Benign Brain Tumors *** Metastases and Palliation *** Skin Tumors *** Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Plasmacytoma *** Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma *** Head and Neck Anatomy *** General Principles *** Oropharyngeal *** Carcinoma in-situ and Miscellaneous*** Testis, Kidney, Ureter and Penis Cancer *** Early Stage Prostate Cancer *** Advanced Stage Prostate cancer *** Endometrial Cancer *** Sarcomas *** Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer *** Ovarian, Cervix and Fallopian Tubes Cancer *** Early Stage Breast Cancer *** Locally Advanced Breast Cancer ***Bladder Cancer *** Oral Cavity *** Larynx, Hypopharynx *** Nasopharynx *** Lung/Mediastinum *** Questions and Answers