Ophthalmology CME Courses

Credits: 1 (AMA PRA Category 1)
Format: Online Download
Price: Free
Release Date: 5/18/2017
Expiration Date: 7/12/2018
Credits: 50 (AMA PRA Category 1)
Format: Live Course, Multiple Formats, Online Download
Price: $920 - $1,380
Expiration Date: 3/3/2020

This five day program includes discussions that summarize the entire field of Ophthalmology using both a didactic lecture approach in addition to case-based reviews. As a result, the course offers the ideal summary for the ABO Oral Certification exam as well as a good overall review for the WQE. The course includes lectures with free, searchable e-syllabus (PowerPoint presentations and notes) in addition to case review sessions and multiple-choice board style questions. Also, there are question and answer sessions (May 31- June 4) and mock oral exams to observe free of charge (June 3 & 4). A printed syllabus can be pre-ordered for a small fee.

Topics: Optics and Refraction **** Neuro-ophthalmology **** Anterior Segment **** Physical and Geometric Optics **** Visual Neuro-anatomy **** Lens and Cataract ****Anterior Segment Trauma **** Visual Field Testing **** Glaucoma **** Refraction and Lens Design **** Visual Pathways **** Anterior Angle **** Spectacles and Contacts **** Oculomotor System **** Uveitis Syndromes **** Keratorefractive Surgery **** Pupillomotor Pathways **** Optical Instruments **** Special Prescriptions **** Orbit **** Posterior Segment **** Visual Physiology **** Macular Disorders **** Visual Acuity **** Conjunctival Disorders **** Retinal Vascular Diseases **** Light and Dark Adaptation **** Orbital Tumors **** Other Retinal Disorders **** Accommodation and Color **** External Eye & Adnexa Choroid Disorders **** Pediatric Ophthalmology **** Corneal Disorders **** Intraocular Tumors **** Systemic Diseases **** Orbital