Too Many Commitments Puts You at Risk

Too Many Commitments Puts You at Risk

Protect yourself from physician burnout by not letting yourself get roped in to too many obligations. Review your priorities and weed out all commitments that don’t make the cut.

Making a list can help.

  • List all of your commitments, and then review each list item to determine whether it is a responsibility, a passion, or neither.
  • Those items that are neither a passion nor a responsibility can be eliminated from your regular schedule.
  • If necessary, start letting people know that they will need to find a replacement, or find one for them to allow for a smoother transition.

Once you feel like you have a well-balanced schedule with a healthier number of commitments, consider anything new very carefully, according to the responsibility-passion criteria, before agreeing to take it on. If it doesn’t fit the bill, being skilled in the art of saying NO can really come in handy – and can save you from physician burnout.

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