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Compare Childcare Costs in Your State

Compare Childcare Costs in Your State

A nanny will cost anywhere from $15 to $25 an hour depending on their expertise and where you live. Au pairs, or live in nannies from another country, average out to be $7.85 an hour for the 45 hours they work a week. Daycares can be comparable in price to getting an au pair, depending on the location and number of children.The main difference in cost between an au pair and daycare is a larger bulk of the childcare costs comes at the beginning of the year to two-year stay with the family. Compare childcare costs in your area with Go Au Pair’s interactive map of average childcare costs around the U.S.

For Doctors, Time is Money 

Imagine having someone in the home when you have to leave for work. You don’t have to wake up the kids, or get their breakfast ready or deal with the tears. Once out the door and to work, you could expect pictures of the children throughout the day and texts or questions or advice on how you want things handled with your kids.

With an au pair you can stay late for an healthcare emergency, instead of fighting traffic to get the daycare before late fees pile up every minute you are late. With a live in nanny timelines are not so stringent, there is so much more flexibility.

More Consistency for the Kids during Crazy Healthcare Shifts

Daycares are also infamous for employee turn over. The kids have to connect with new teachers more often then parents might be comfortable with. With an au pair they are in a contract for one to two years and the au pair can cover evening and weekend shifts. Host parents often say their au pair feels like another member of the family, like a big sister to the kids and a built in best friend for the parents.

The added bonus – culture

Another thing completely unique to having an au pair is cultural exchange. Kids grow up in one place and often have a hard time seeing anything beyond their own block. The au pair can help them to see beyond and accept different people and understand different cultures. Some au pairs will even come into the home and teach the child their native language as well as English.

Getting up in the morning instead of rushing to get the kids ready for the sitter or daycare, you can let them sleep. You can have your breakfast hot and a calm morning before heading off to work. At work you still call your kids and you can still set the rules and have more peace of mind, because the kids are back at home, being taken care of by someone you know well and feels like family.