Concerns about Komen

Despite all of the wonderful good the foundation has accomplished, I have a concern with Komen beyond the current brouhaha.    Consider Wikipedia’s summary:

“Since its inception in 1982, Komen has invested nearly $2 billion for breast cancer research, education, advocacy, health services and social support programs in the U.S., and through partnerships in more than 50 countries…Susan Goodman Komen, was born in 1943 in Peoria, IL.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.  She died of the disease at age 36 in 1980.  Komen’s younger sister, Nancy Goodman Brinker … founded the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in Komen’s memory.

…Komen paid founder and CEO Nancy Brinker [Komen’s sister]

$417, 712 in 2011 … “

If this information is correct, the dead woman’s sister has become rich off of her sister’s tragedy and off of our donations.  This seems unseemly and wrong.

Thank goodness for “Charity Navigator” and similar resources which clarify and consolidate such information.  For example, there you can see that the president of the highly rated Breast Cancer Coalition Fund takes home half Brinker’s salary.   Of course, that means more money for its cause.