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Consumer Health Digest – The Reliable & Trusted Source for 15 Years and Counting

Consumer Health Digest – The Reliable & Trusted Source for 15 Years and Counting

The unhealthy lifestyle led to several extra pounds, but a far bigger problem was health issues caused by improper diet and lack of physical activity. With minor differences, this happened to the team of enthusiasts that will soon establish Consumer Health Digest in 2003. At the time, they went online in the search for valuable health information but encountered a bunch of spammy websites with sales pitches and inaccurate data.

They realized this is something that needs to change. That motivated them to start Consumer Health Digest and create a reputable website that will be truly helpful to readers who want to optimize their health managed and lead a healthier life. The journey has been amazing and here is what they achieved in the meantime.

The History of Consumer Health Digest

Everything started in 2003 when the website was officially founded. The intentions of the founders were clear – offer premium content to users interested in knowing more on health-related topics. They applied this approach ever since they one and the website quickly established as the leading one in the industry.

If you take a look at recent statistics, you will discover that Consumer Health Digest had more than 21 million sessions and 34 million pageviews in 2018. The numbers truly look impressive, especially if you take into account that means more than 80,000 people visit the site every day!

An excellent indicator that the staff is doing a great job is that the first visit of a reader is not the only one. Approximately 15% of visitors have returned to the website more than once. On average, the users spent one minute on the website and read 1.64 pages. When you compare to other similar websites, this is an admirable figure that establishes Consumer Health Digest as the leaders in providing health information.

The creators, however, didn’t stop at having an amazing website. They quickly realized the importance of social media and the YouTube platform. A Facebook page was established, and Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest pages were to follow. Today, they have more than 200K followers combined on social platforms, including YouTube. Their channel on YT regularly posts new useful videos on relevant health issues.

One of the Most Popular & Trusted Health Websites in the World

Consumer Health Digest is focused on delivering high-value, evidence-based, and accurate health information to visitors from around the world. Their mission is to present this information in a way for everyone to understand and make everything openly accessible, which means there is no subscription, membership, or any form of payment needed. Instead, every section of the website is entirely free and accessible to people from around the world.

Aside from providing actionable tips and science-backed health information, the website also has an entire section dedicated to health product reviews. Over time, they reviewed thousands of health supplements and other products that can help people to manage their health optimally. The team is proud of the fact that the reviews are independent and unbiased. Although the staff can make some recommendations and provide links to a particular product, they ensure to analyze and provide relevant information about any product reviewed accurately.The sections covered vary from general item information to the ingredient list, working process, and pros and cons.

It is this dedication to providing accurate and objective information that makes Consumer Health Digest trustworthy. The team carefully reviews articles and reviews before publishing them, but they also allow the community to contact them in case anything needs to be edited. You need to contact them through the online form and, after performing a double-check, corrections will be made quickly.

Improve Your Health Together Through Key Lifestyle Changes is made for people of all ages, groups, and sexes. It doesn’t matter if you are single or living together, working or retired, from North America or Asia, the information found on the website allows everyone to work together to make crucial lifestyle changes.

Would you like to know more about how to optimize your nutrition? Whether you are pursuing weight loss goals or want a diet that will help you to boost and maintain optimal physical health and well-being, you will find many useful articles on this website. The platform covers many various diet approaches and speaks about how to make the right food choices based on your desired and lifestyle.

Are you looking to tailor your exercise program in a way that perfectly fits your busy day? There are articles covering workout sessions you can do at home, but also those that talk about outdoor physical activities, such as running and walking. It will be simple to find a fitness routine for both couples and singles who can always consider working out with friends.

Consumer Health Digest also focuses on presenting you the latest health news and research breakthroughs. The expert staff is following everything that happens in the industry and the results of scientific studies, as well as the specialized websites like the National Center for Biotechnology Information.


Any news considered valuable to the readers is published and often followed with additional tips. These tips are actionable and, in most cases, can be applied immediately after reading the article. The website often asks experts for opinions, including nutritionists, doctors, fitness trainers, and other professionals. That enables the users to get professional insights on a particular health concern.

A vital section of the site is dedicated to guides on specific health conditions. Each of the guides is comprehensive, and the area currently has dozens of articles that provide comprehensive information on symptoms, signs, treatments, and other relevant details of various conditions and diseases. Once you inform yourself on a particular health goal or concern, you can proceed to the section with product reviews to identify items that can help you in achieving your objective.

The overall impression is that Consumer Health Digest offers valuable content on a wide range of health, nutrition, fitness, and beauty topics. The website doesn’t forget about your well-being either as you will find a bunch of articles focusing on mental health and dealing with depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Couples will also find relevant guides on how to improve their relationship, enhance intimacy, and resolve any conflicts that may appear.

Consumer Health Digest Helps People Have a Robust Future

The crucial thing to mention about Consumer Health Digest is that the readers’ feedback is incredibly positive. If you visit social media, you will find thousands of likes and shares of useful articles as the word is spreading quickly. It is a pretty common occurrence that the users send emails in which they express their gratitude for the website helping them optimize their lifestyle and boost overall health.

The team is also thankful for having such a faithful community. They emphasize everyone will continue to do their best to make the world a healthier place. The newest initiative that should help that goal to be achieved is the Health Awareness Program. The goal is to improve the delivery of accurate health information on a local level throughout the entire world. The program gathers community members and leaders, social influences, as well as other organizers, innovators, and people who want to help.