Contact a Physician Recruiter

Contact a Physician Recruiter

Staffphire strives to serve every physician we place with a degree of integrity and ethics that sets the high bar in the field of search. We treat you respectfully, working tirelessly to earn your confidence and trust. We safeguard and protect the information physicians share with us and nothing leaves our office without your express permission. Our staff has backgrounds in the hospitality industry and each is trained exclusively in-house. We do not hire those with resume experience at other firms, nor do we split fees or share candidates with our competitors.

The time frame for our matches stretches from as short as 3 weeks (a neurosurgeon in solo practice moving from Philadelphia, PA to North Carolina) to as long as 2 years (an invasive cardiologist separating from the military in Hawaii and moving to be near his aging parents in Georgia). These placements are atypical in terms of length. Our average among all the physicians we place is 10.4 months from the time we initiate a search to the time our physician begins his or her practice. We are highly efficient, but we refuse to carelessly rush placements.

We listen with concern for your wishes and issues and are detail intensive. In our minds, it is the details and how closely we adhere to them that make a successful placement long term. We don’t gloss over the minuses or sugar coat our opportunities. Our physicians, on average, remain in their new practices 5+ years, and we have doctors who’ve remained in their settings 10+ years to date. Results like these set us apart from our peers. We work with physicians in all recognized medical specialties and we place them with clients across the country in large and small communities alike.

We are not volume-based. We work with each physician candidate individually. We are thorough and love what we do. We don’t cold call, solicit with direct mail or buy mailing lists. Our goal is to remain at your convenience, not arrive unrequested via post. So, regardless of your circumstance or timeframe, please call us and tell us doctor, where would you like to go?