Rants and Raves Reflections

do no harm

Gosnell guilty.  Babies everywhere can take a deep breath, knowing their brethren won’t get scissors in the spine.   Three little preemies were born unwanted but born indisputably alive —  but not for long.  He made sure of that, putting scissors in their little necks.

So called doctor Gosnell, the man with the $1.8 million dollar a year business was found guilty of multiple murders and will never harm another little neck.  Actually, some of those necks were not so little – one baby breathed for twenty minutes before being stabbed.  Another baby, Gosnell joked, could “walk to the bus” — he was that good-sized.

Gosnell’s own neck now lies in peril, as he may face the death penalty.  However, society should not turn the  scissors on him.  I don’t see this as political but as medical.  As those who work to save lives of all types and whose careers begin with an oath to “do no harm,”  I wonder if other doctors feel as I do?  Enough already.  Let the man live.

Do no harm.