Education Reflections


This is a friendly reminder to give yourself the same good preventative care that you give to everyone else. Here’s the Center for Disease Control’s suggested screening test list .I know this sounds obvious, but come on, really, how many of you follow through with your own care?

After all, how can someone juggling a zillion patients and parenting responsibilities possibly make time for a doctor’s appointment?  And, of course, doctors well know the myriad of discomforts and indignation of a colonoscopy or mammogram.  However, so often these are just excuses — actually our ambivalence simply is prevailing.

And, we have a powerful reason for ambivalence.  There is no romanticizing of illness once you have been in the trenches.   The nitty-gritty ugliness of disease is a reality  —  so we have more reason to fear finding something.  We know what finding illness really means —  not only to ourselves but also to our kids.

As someone who likely could have avoided some awfulness if I’d had timely preventative care, I’m writing this post to encourage you to challenge ambivalence.   Take care of yourself.  Good luck with it.