Medical Public Relation Services

Medical Public Relation Services

Medical Public Relation Services

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Ever wonder why some doctors get their name in print or appear on TV? Many have earned this special coverage with experience, reputation and luck. Others may have hired a publicist and created an effective PR campaign. Why would a doctor want to hire a publicity or communications expert? Hiring a publicist isn’t it only for doctors wanting to appear on “Extreme Makeover” or launch their own product line. Public relations campaigns can be used by physicians wanting to secure coverage in regional or national publications, to increase community reputation and market their practice. The experts at MomMD can assist doctors who may want to:

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  • Enhance their reputation in their field or local community.
  • Become an ‘expert’ commentator or writer for TV or print.
  • Inspire others with their unique story or service.
  • Write articles for magazines or newspapers – using a ghost writer or editor.
  • Market their new book, product, research finding or study.
  • Appear on television.

Did you know many of today’s most well known brands began without spending money on advertising (for example, Starbucks)? Marketing and advertising are great, but good PR can be better. Good publicity has serious business benefits and is not just for those wishing to become the next ‘celebrity doctor’ or diet guru. Participating in a PR campaign can be fun and lead to opportunities one might never have imagined.

Over the past five years, MomMD and its members have secured coverage and interviews on national TV news, local TV stations and in national publications like The Wall St Journal, Washington Post, WebMD and many more. MomMD has developed an extensive media list and team of expert publicists who can position your story to the appropriate parties.

PR Writing & Communication Services

Writing Services include:

  • Corporate communications
  • Website development
  • Press release writing
  • Ghost-writing and editing
  • Feature article writing
  • Branding

Don’t know how to write a press release or bio? Don’t have the time to do it? MomMD currently offers PR writing services on a project-by-project basis. This approach is ideal for physicians who may wish to release information quickly. MomMD offers quick turnaround and a high standard of copy that presents you (and your company) in the best possible light. We help you get noticed! Using your ideas, notes and information we can prepare a well-drafted release (or bio) of up to 500 words. Upon your approval we can assist you in releasing your news appropriately (additional costs dependent upon news release company). Our press release writing service is priced at $375 per release. Company documentation, personal biographies and other services are custom priced.

For more information and a free evaluation of your goals and current PR, please contact us. In addition to reading our own press releases, we can provide you with writing samples upon request. We work with male and female clients (not just MomMD’s!) and also have extensive experience with a wide range of clients. Experts have worked on projects (large and small) for clients such as: Ogilvy & Mather, Gaiam, Borders, Nike and many individuals.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like to order a press release writing service (or bio) and are ready to pay now (via Paypal), click the button below! Please email any relevant documentation, newsletters, website links and so on, to Please allow 24 hours for receipt of your payment and information sent. We will then contact you to clarify your goals and objectives before we get started on your release. No release will be distributed until you are satisfied with the copy. We can recommend the news release options to you, they range in price from free to several hundred dollars. Good results have been received via all types of service, however there are no guarantees for coverage. Turnaround times average one week, but we are able to respond more quickly if required.

Looking for an Expert Comment, Interview or Story?

Journalists or writers seeking physicians for story, commentary or interview, please also feel free to contact us.