doctors matter

So another April 30th is almost over.  One hour and thirty-seven minutes left.  I can almost breathe again.

I find the emotional weight of anniversaries  — both good and bad ones — amazing.  April 30th is a bad one here.  Cancer.  I wonder if most doctors are aware of the emotional havoc medical illness plays with a life?  It might be hard to see as most patients do not wear fear or need on their faces.   I wonder how many doctors know what comfort they can offer beyond the technical medical care?  Or, how much this matters?

Par for the course for April 30th, my father after days of excruciating pain is in the hospital with a fractured vertebrate — after just having recovered from a surgery last week.  Another surgery is now planned for tomorrow.  And, I used to like April.  However, this time at least my father has not only a world class but also a caring surgeon.  The doctor offered to come to check on him at his hotel, met him in the emergency room, adequately addressed pain and quickly put him on the surgery schedule.  So, it is not surprising that the ache in my father’s voice diminished once this specific doctor yet again stepped up.   Such thoughtful professionalism offers hope that all may be well.

Just one hour and thirty-one minutes of April 30th is left.   Remember how important your work is.   Good luck with it.