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Most kids thrive despite (or because of) mental health or other challenges.  I’m shifting my professional course to write middle grade fiction about these kids — who are much like most kids, I think.  

My first book, DRIFT (A Gargoyle School Christmas Story) stars Red, a sixth grader with attention deficit disorder who tries to avoid a winter holiday with divorced parents behaving ridiculously, but things don’t exactly go as planned.  The second in the series, SPIN (Gargoyle School on Summer Vacation) (to be published by the end of Nov) shares the travails of Maggie, a sixth grader who has to deal not only with an anxiety disorder (obsessive compulsive disorder), but her grim luck.  With a sick mom,  being banished to a Scottish castle, and everything else, can she take on yet another disaster?  Do I need to mention, that both kids just might end up heroes in the end, despite their challenges? Or, that this is the whole point?

I  try to sneak my granola, holistic, child shrink perspective in the stories, and   I’d love to hear some physicians’ perspectives on them.  Or suggestions.  Please check the books out via Amazon here.  And, visit my author’s blog!