Physician Mom Rants and Raves


It turns out I’m a bad patient. One who may even be fired. I just received a not-so-friendly reminder from my dentist that my family is 3 months overdue for our 6 month check up. The letter encouraged me to schedule appts ASAP for the health of our teeth and suggested that they aren’t so much interested in continuing a relationship with people who can’t/won’t do so.Before I called their office today and quit (as a family of 5), I decided to sleep on it. It seems they have a new front office employee who may not know about our particular situation. She may not know that I finally got a haircut this week for the first time in 9 months (after having to reschedule twice because I was called in for contingency), or that sometimes I don’t have time to feed myself let alone scamper in for a cleaning.The dentist herself graduated dental school the same place I went to med school and has 3 kids of her own. Every time I’ve seen her over the last 5 years, she’s encouraged me and has been understanding about my precious time and financial resources.

It leads me to wonder how it is that a dentist can “fire” me for being a few months late for a checkup. What if I, as a PCP, did the same??? Or fired all the poorly controlled diabetic patients wreking havoc on my diabetes dashboard??? Outrageous. I have 2 brothers who are dentists, so I know many of the struggles of the profession. I just don’t like being judged, or threatened for that matter. My husband suggests I’m being a little sensitive – he’s often right.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing during my week off before the beginning of R2. I think I’ll bring the letter with me and ask the dentist what she thinks…