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5 months 21 hours ago #96716 by maize
I'm looking for a serious study partner (in-person or online) for the 2017 mcat (june??). I'm located in Oregon and just getting started with studying.
4 months 1 week ago #96749 by kiana
Hey there Maize! Congrats on being in position to take the MCAT soon! Unfortunately you're at least a year ahead of me so i won't be much help to you, but there is this wonderful young mom named Brandi who may be (or soon be) prepping for MCAT around the same time. I think she's somewhere in the Carolinas. She's going through hell right now, but is a super smart cookie and already scored a 30 on CARS last year. Maybe you two can partner up or you can find someone via her Channel! You can find her on Youtube at Bless Her Health. She seems amazing. Best wishes, Dr. Maize in the making!
3 months 1 week ago #96774 by maize
Hi Kiana.
Thanks for your reply. Brandi's video's look great! I will definitely check them out. Unfortunately, my plan to take the test this year was a little too ambitious (I took my science courses years ago and have so much foundation material to review). I think an early test in 2018 will be much better for me. So, I'm still looking for a study partner to collaborate on a schedule and check in with every once in a while. Any other tips/suggestions are appreciated!
Best wishes to you with your studying too :)
1 week 4 days ago #96892 by bloxorz
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