Preparation for MCAT while Working as RN

2 years 11 months ago #94469 by rosewood1225
Hi, everyone. I am new to the site. I hope this is the appropriate place to post my concerns/questions. I am a practicing RN with a Bachelor's in Biology and a Master's in Nursing. I have been attempting to prepare for the MCAT since December. During that time, I was employed on a hectic and rather stressful unit. Right now I am in a more relaxed, non-urgent clinical atmosphere, which I find is optimal regarding MCAT preparation. I scheduled my test for tomorrow (06/13); however, I do not feel prepared. I feel like I have been cramming, rather than retaining information. Since it is too late to cancel, I will just be absent (per the MCAT registration and cancellation guidelines). Within 48 hours of the original test date/time, I will reschedule sometime in July (if possible). I would like to know from other RNs (or even those who were working full-time while preparing for the MCAT) if you could share some techniques you have tried to manage/balance the exhaustion from working and studying?

Thank you in advance for your help.

2 years 4 months ago #95529 by skymd
I am an RN but still taking prerequisites. All I can say is, its a lot of work but possible. I like to work on weekends, friday sat and sun then I am in school Mon-Friday.
1 year 8 months ago #96018 by nightnurse
Hey Rosewood did you ever take the MCAT? I did years ago but never applied, my scores were not competitive. I'm preparing to study again while I work in the PACU. I was considering grad school but medicine is my passion.

Good Luck

Many will say it's not possible, but few would admit to your success. Follow your heart because it ever lies.
1 year 7 months ago #96097 by Alana J
Honestly the best stratigies I have found include forcing yourself to use librarys and also taking practice exams after working out!
1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #96098 by Alana J
Hello.! I am a BSN MSN who enjoys med surge but it's not my dream job by any means. So since I have already completed pre med I am thinking of going back to school... Pulling a decent MCAT score out of my butt will be a major challenge as I have been out of bio pre med for 10 years now.
Motivation and focus have been my main issues - along with the fact that I am 36 and want to get married and have children one day when I find the right guy... Any personal experiances / advice / constructive critisim??
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1 year 3 months ago #96305 by nightnurse
Hi Alana
Since the MCATs is computerized now and different format, I suggest going to the AAMC website and look over format and go over tons of questions. Review topics you struggle with and do more questions.

Never give up if you haven't tried

Many will say it's not possible, but few would admit to your success. Follow your heart because it ever lies.
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