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saw an interview (on Bravo) with Johnny Depp awhile back. He was talking about how great his mother was, how he identifies with a lot of feminine traits, etc. When he was asked for an example of something terrific she’d done, he said “taught me to fight back for myself on the playground” when he was being harassed. Not something I really know how to do, but it just sounded true.

two other children were hassling my son on the playground with name calling, etc. and making fun of his pets name. we did suggest things he could do (choose to play with others, tell the teacher if he was afraid, etc.). it was hard for us to know how bad the situation was, but he started talking about it every day, crying some, drawing pictures of the mean children on a railroad track with a train coming…..etc.

we decided to talk with his teacher and it worked out great. she had seen the problem but not realized how bad it was and said she wished he had told her more. they had just moved to a bigger playground where some of the area is off behind trees, etc and not as closely supervised. It seemed to mean a lot to our son that we supported him. I think he told the kids involved that we were going to talk to the teacher because they looked at me with fear when i came into the classroom….

good luck