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Hello All! I want to thank all of you for giving your experiences and your frustrations about medicine. I feel like I’m not alone anymore. As an Internist, I have done many types of IM jobs, private practice, HMO,part-time, hospitalist etc. Nothing has worked out for me.Let me tell you my situation and see if anyone has any ideas. I have a 2 year old daughter and had moved to the East Coast to take a hospitalist position. Both my husband and I worked for the same company. it did not work out due to scheduling issues and child care issues. We both found work, luckily quickly. He still works as a hospitalist and I worked part-time out patient clinic only. My administrator told me 2 months ago that they would be letting me go to get either a NP or PA to work my position instead of keeping an MD on part-time. They wanted me to go full-time with call and admit to a hospital 40 minutes away. Anyway, I found a hospitalist job, but it is full-time and although I have just started, I am worried about childcare for my daughter. I am actually the only physician on board right now , so i am on call 24/7. it wasn’t supposed to be like this, but the new group admin says they are trying very hard to recruit. Anyway, my husband and I have discussed this many times and I don’t see how this is going to be good for me and the family. I cannot stay at home right now due to med school/residency debts for both of us. Also, I feel like I need to do some work to keep my mind fulfilled so that I can give my fullest to my daughter. i have tried to find fellowships that may work even jobs with insurance companies etc, but every one wants some OTHER experience. We have also been trying for a second child and the stress is not helping any. Does anyone ahve ideas as to what direction I can pursue? I will try and keep this position as long as I can without going crazy but it looks like it won’t be that long. Has anyone else been in this position and what have you done? I am really thinking about leaving medicine all together and going in some other field, but right now i woudln’t even know what?!! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent, hope I can get some ideas from all fo you and please continue this post because it is very useful to those of us in this position.