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I’m sorry to hear your employer was not willing to support a part-time physician. I think the climate is becoming more unfavorable for part-time physicians due to the increasing economic strain on medical practices. This is truly BAD NEWS for those of us who want and need to balance work and family. For many physicians, staying home fulltime with the kids, however attractive it may seem, is simply not possible due to overwhelming student loans.

Thank you for sharing your story. I have felt as you do at various times in my career. At one point about three years ago, I was close to leaving my job (due to unhealthy politics of the place) so I started moonlighting as the inhouse pediatrician at a small labor and delivery department. I work overnight (5 pm to 8 am) and attend each delivery. I landed up staying in my day job (part time primary care) although the nasty politics certainly aren’t getting any better.

Could you “moonlight” nights and weekends at an ER or somehow change your hospitalist hours to cover weekends and nights only (or any days your husband is home to care for your daughter)? Your current deal sounds awful.

I’m also curious what your experience of hospitalist medicine is. Unlike you, I’m a pediatrician, but I’m actually in the process of negotiating a fulltime “hospitalist” job with my current employer. As my youngest will enter Kindergarten in another year, and my oldest is already in first grade, I figure I could easily round between dropping them at school and picking them up again. This will sure beat before AND after school care to enable me to work a full day in the office. Plus, I view a hospitalist job as being somewhat more flexible in that I could round early in the am if I wanted to be free for a field trip, etc. The hospital we admit to has a residency program so this reduces the workload somewhat, ie. I do not need to be physically present all day. Any input you might have would be appreciated!