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Hi KPPR/8892: WEll, yes a hospitalist position CAN be flexible depending on if you belong to a group or if it is hospital owned or who is basically calling the shots. If it is shift work type ( 7AM-7PM) then no it is not flexible for you to pick up kids etc.You usually have to be there the whole time. If it is Private practice type ( meaning ~ 8AM -5pm)then it can be flexible. The only problem is if you have a sick pt that you need to do soemthing immediately, but then have to pick up your child, or have to go back in for emergencies. But, if you have a residency program to back you up in those cases then I definitely think that hospitalist is the way to go. It would give you more peace of mind that way, knwoing that if something does go wrong , and you cannot get there right away there are people to go check on the pt. Unfortuately, i do not have that in this practice. thanks for your advice. I hope I can come up with a better option. I’ll keep writing on the post becasue I think it is very useful. Good luck , let me know if there is more info on hospitalist stuff that you need.