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I hired a nanny during med school. I used a service that basically listed nannies and the service’s job was to provide a list of nannies that would fit my needs. They didn’t check out references or anything like that. I do not recall whether they did a background check. I think they did.
I think I really lucked out with the nanny I ended up hiring. My purpose for needing a nanny was when my husband and I lived in different states for a year and I needed someone to take care of my 5 yr old during overnight on call days and before and after school hours while I had to be at the hospital. My big criteria at the time was personality and personal fit to my situation and of course dependability. Although references and work experience were important, the bottom line was whether I got a good feeling about her. My nanny lived close by and had a child of her own who was in Jr high. The interview consisted of her bringing her resume and what really got me was she brought her family photo album. We spent over an hour together chatting over a cup of coffee (as I was mentally “sizing her up”). By the way, she did not have previous nanny experience…she had single mom experience. She was a paralegal by day and overall was very driven to send her daughter to private school and live in a nice neighborhood. She was a gold mine…
So I guess not many suggestions for you, but maybe anectdotally helpful.