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Not impossible~one of my best friends from medical school and I are prime examples. That said, it is not easy. My schedule was far from ideal. I had my daughter at the end of 3rd year…she was due on the day of my shelf exam! Though my school was flexible about letting me switch surgery with internal medicine (I was originally due during surgery), I ended up doing ob/surgery/IM all in a row, just before delivery. Yikes! However, I was past morning sickness by then and THAT was a blessing. My friend had her son at the beginning of 3rd year, induced in the middle of family medicine. She split the rotation, took 8 weeks off, and returned. We were both a few weeks “off” but walked with our class. I took 13 weeks total maternity leave, but it’s a complicated story. Please PM for details. Aiming for the beginning of fourth year worked well for me and also for others. That, of course, can be unpredictable once you start “trying.” Would I do it again? Yes, but preferably with some wiser planning for rotation schedules. It can be done! Good luck.

Erin, PGY-2