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Thanks Marilyn. I guess we will see how I score.

I recently found a Kaplan course that doesnt conflict my college schedule. Only problem is it cost 1499. I really cant afford the class but I do have away I could pay for it—with a credit card. I just payed off all my credit card debt and I only could do that because we refinanced our house. Money is tight with me not working as much since Im in school.

I sort of feel like Im at a disadvantage than the majority who will be taking the MCAT right along with me–most of them will have had a prep course. Id like to think Im regimined enough to study on my own. At least with a prep course Id be forced to attend class (wont be interrupted by my kids either) and I will have the advantage of taking practice tests under the same conditions of the MCAT. Something I could never really get on my own.

The con would be that my schedule will be a tight fit, and doing the MCAT stuff and school will be harder. No telling when Id be able to completely pay off the credit card.

I definately have some things to sort out. If only I knew if I could do as well on my own without spending over grand on a prep course.