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I can not tell you what a sense of deja vu I’m having with the original post. I also have a daughter, who is now 10 weeks old. In the first 4 weeks I thought I was going to totally give up breastfeeding. She was increasingly fussy and nursing seemed to be the only thing that calmed her down. Ironically, 20 minutes later she would wail again :banghead: . My son was also very easy compared to this!
I took the approach that there must be something wrong with how she is processing the milk (or something wrong with the milk itself). I cut out dairy foods and everything spicy, then slowly reintroduced them. I also re-evaluated her latch. I’m not sure if they made a difference or just time.
She still has periods of fussiness, but nothing like before. Part of me thinks that her body just needed to adjust to being outside the womb (she was four weeks early).
Maybe you could try evaluating what your eating, when she seems to be most fussy, and what (other than nursing) calms her. Do you think you could give her a pacifier to see if it comforts her? Sometimes giving my daughter one and a snuggle helps calm her just enough for me to figure out what’s really going on inside that baby body 🙂
Good luck!!!