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I have been going through this also. I wanted to be a doctor at first but after taking biology and a full load of classes plus working part time, I realized that I do not want to spend this much time away from my daughter studying. I have to get a degree because I am a single mom and I want to have a secure job with a good income. I know I have to finish school and get a degree in something that will pay well. So I have decided right now on becoming an Actuary. It is a math major type of career. So I switched my major from biology to math. I hope this is the right career path for me and my daughter. I want to do this because I don’t want to lose anymore time with her while I have my face in my book, working, or whatever I am doing. It drives me nuts. I love going to school but I love being with my daughter more so I have to balance and I can’t balance being a doctor and being a single mom. It’s just not in the cards for me! But I’m totally okay with that. I’m glad I have finally found something that just might suit my needs. I know you will find yours too. Time is everything. Just take 1 class at a time until you’re ready to go full time again.

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