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Originally posted by kthoms0319:
[b] And truly, your residency is so much more a part of your skills than med school in my opinion. And did anyone ever hear of a “bad” med school?

I would really like for someone to explain this to me if my thinking is a little off track.I see this being more the case for straight MD programs than MD/PhD which is my eventual goal. And again I have to use Hopkins as an example.

Where you get your PhD training as I’ve observed it, pretty much dictates your path in life including choice of residency as far as a career in research/academia is concerned. FYI, I did a semester at UMaryland thinking it would be a better fit for me over Hopkins, but I was wrong. It wasn’t just about outdated facilities/equipment (I use a bathroom in the path dept that has to be at least 100 years old at Hopkins), but the type of research and funding the professors have.

About the “references” to Carolina, no doubt it’s a great school, ranked highly, with fantastic research opportunities available. But the fact that I know 3 students who matriculated in the medical school at Chapel Hill in that 4% that didn’t finish after turning down acceptances to Duke to, then lived to regret it, gives me something to think about.

Fianlly as a parent, I think the entire institution of UNC-Chapel Hill could do a ton better in helping folks with children, from providing housing that doesn’t look like the projects, to giving parents with sick children some flexibility at test time. Having a “club” for parents that doesn’t actually do much or provide resources is a waste of time. In the end carolina is great, as long as you’re not a parent based on my experiences/observations.