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I did catch that initially but I was so uphauled about what that girl said. It is true though, that fathers have issues when it comes to picking up what has traditionally been “mom’s role”. Sometimes things have to be a certain way whether it seems “fair” or not (hubby having his child on all the weekends so medical mom can study and succeed for the good of her family.) At the same time, I also know it often can be hard placing yourself in someone else’s shoes. Let’s face it medical school–school in general is hard on everyone in the family. It is hard for both moms and dads sometimes to recognize each others hard work. Ive been through that. I do agree though if roles were reversed, most dad’s would be astonished to here mom saying she overburdened and probably wouldnt give it much thought.

Maybe this dad needs a break here and there, they might not come when he wants them….
I remeber a point in time when my husband was working massive hours and would basically come home to go to bed every day. Oh gosh how I needed a break and felt I was basically single (except for the money of course). I think I definately deserved breaks, but the fact was he had to work all those hours.

Efex, I feel ya girl!! 😀